"Adriana is extremely knowledgeable and articulate both as a presenter and as a writer on topics of supply chain ethics, international financial crime enforcement, and other matters of comparative law.  Her contemporary teaching style and high degree of professionalism have proven to be extremely valuable."

Chief Content & Engagement Officer

Institute for Supply Management™

"Eight LMU professors (4 per semester) are selected annually to discuss their latest publication or project.... Adriana will discuss her recent chapter, "Under the New Security Landscape: Ramifications of International Multijurisdictional Conflicts" from Women in Security: Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation."


International TV Commentator | Cyber Security Expert |
Strategic International Consultant | Professor |
​Chilean-American Author | Corporate Lawyer

Because non-compliance with the CCPA could cost companies dearly, instituting stronger privacy protections at the federal level might be next or alternatively, California’s statute may likely spur other states to proactively pass similar legislation, regardless of federal action. This step would eliminate the current inconsistent patchwork of state laws and provide greater protection for all U.S. citizens.”

Adriana Sanford

"Following an abduction, international whistleblower Adriana has distinguished herself by educating executives, thousands of college students, and the public at large on global threats and the dangers of corporate corruption. She works with a broad range of global organizations to strengthen responsibility and builds foundations of trust and integrity in foreign markets. She focuses on laws at the international level and how the regulation of global threats from jurisdictions outside the US can create corporate exposure and criminal liability for executives including, among others, laws involving the use of information technology and cryptocurrencies across national boundaries. 

Adriana’s extensive experience with addressing organized crime links, fraud, money laundering and other illegal activity spans over a 20-year period, and includes the criminal arrest and 30-year imprisonment of her former chairman and all her direct superiors. Her two decades of practical knowledge of global threats in real-world settings sets her apart from other academics in her field. Adriana’s high impact experiential learning courses provide real-world encounters that demonstrate the complexities of open-ended situations and severe consequences for non-compliance in foreign jurisdictions. Last year, Adriana served on the advisory committee of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI). The former Lead Counsel for Latin America of a Fortune 50 company is also a regular international television commentator, who reaches over 24 million viewers.

When Adriana found herself in peril for uncovering illegal schemes that went far beyond taxes, she diligently protected her team and then turned her path towards teaching and educating others on these difficult issues and global threats. Her actions have been viewed by the public as a badge of honor and a model to be studied within corporate legal ethics. In addition to serving a two-year term on the board of the world’s largest human rights organization, Adriana has lectured at more than 130 industry conferences and forums.

With decades of international corporate law experience, Adriana now serves as a keynote to leading think tanks, non-profits, and companies in the US and abroad. Last year, serving as a Georgetown Law Dean’s Visiting Scholar and a Visiting Professor of the Universidad de Talca’s business school, she provided keynote addresses to high-ranking government officials and senior corporate leaders in Chile.

Adriana has also taught ethics and law to more than 7,500 graduate and undergraduate students in the US and abroad. She is a part-time faculty member at Loyola Marymount University and Pepperdine University."

One of the most listened to guests in Task Force 7 Radio history. She is not only a cyber-security expert, but she is a multidimensional professional with experience and expertise in a variety of different domains and that is what makes her so interesting to listen to…. Adriana has one of the top 5 most listened to episodes...”

George Rettas

"An audience grabber - Dr. Sanford addressed numerous questions and attendees expressed their desire to have additional talks by Dr. Sanford in the future!"

ISSA Executive Director, Washington, D.C.

Multiple law degrees along with post-graduate studies in global management; fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

Andrew Rohm, Ph.D.

Loyola Marymount University

Chair of Department of Marketing and Business Law

"[Sanford] has a sound legal mind regarding international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism matters. She has a keen understanding of the practical aspects of law enforcement in the United States and various South American nations. Some of those countries have been mentioned publicly as potential weak links in the ongoing struggle against money laundering by organize crime and terrorists."

Senior Legal Counsel, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Former Amnesty International USA Board Member
Former World Economic Forum Advisory Committee Member

"The world needs leaders that are ethical, collaborative, and compassionate in nature".
Adriana Sanford

Is Blockchain Technology Going to Change the World?
March 19, 2018