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Peter Lambert

Senior Vice President

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Well Being and

Happiness Economics

​La jornada contó además con las exposiciones de la talla de Manuel Marfán, presidente de Chile Transparente y director del Programa Cieplan-UTALCA; Alejandro Ferreiro, ex presidente del Consejo para la Transparencia y ex ministro de Economía; y Jorge Awad, ex presidente de la Asociación de Bancos e Instituciones Financieras y actual presidente de la Junta Directiva de nuestra institución."

Eduardo Aninat, Agustín Edwards Eastman,

 Alan Dunn,  and Adriana Sanford

Eduard Nazarski


Amnesty International Ned​erland

Adriana Sanford

Michael Howard - Colorado

Worldwide Security Practice Lead

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Janice Comer Bradley - Washington DC
Executive Director

Information Systems Security Association 



"La exposición de la abogada y académica del Georgetown University Law Center, Adriana Sanford, fue el telón de fondo para el desarrollo del seminario “Sociedad sin corrupción: el rol de las empresas y la política”, evento organizado por la Facultad de Economía y Negocios (FEN) en dependencias de la Escuela de Postgrado y Centro de Extensión de Santiago. Durante su intervención, la profesora Sanford, quien además es profesora visitante de la UTALCA, analizó las distintas formas en que se manifiesta la corrupción y el efecto transversal que puede tener sobre la sociedad."

​KEYNOTE / Santiago, Chile

Amnesty International USA Board Meeting, March 2017 


World Economic Forum - Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

International Institute of Management - Think Tank Leaders

Amnesty International USA - Board of Directors

American Program Bureau - Keynote

Manufacturing Talk Radio  - "A Global Perspective with Dr. Adriana Sanford"​

Ética Empresarial (ISM book)

Business Ethics (ISM book)





Keynote address --- Sanford

Conferencia Latinoaméricana



January 2004

President of Chile Ricardo Lagos Escobar

Chilean Ambassador Andres Bianchi 

​Adriana Sanford​

Hon. Javier Treviño

Deputy Secretary of Education


New Dutch Surveillance




"The world needs leaders that are ethical, collaborative, and compassionate in nature".
Adriana Sanford

"Complex jurisdictional and security issues must be addressed through a broad lens, because the solutions may be beyond one country's national interests and the decisions may have strong repercussions on a global scale". -----Adriana Sanford

Child Crisis Arizona Gala, Feburary 2017

Hosted by Friends of Child Crisis Arizona

Privacy, Data Protection, 

Blockchain Technology

TEACHING (National and International)
• Visiting Professor (Chile). Universidad de Talca, School of Business and Economics

• Visiting Research Professor (Chile). Universidad de Talca, School of Business and Economics
• Dean’s Visiting Scholar. Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, DC)
• Clinical Assoc Professor of Management. Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business
• Faculty Affiliate. Center on the Future of War (Washington, DC)
• Honors Faculty. Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University
• Lincoln Professorship (Global Corporate Compliance and Ethics). Arizona State University

SERVICE (National and International)
• CNN Regular Subject Matter Expert (SME)
• ISACA, Keynote, Latin America
• ISSA CISO Executive Forum Keynote - sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company, Washington DC

• World Economic Forum (Partnering Against Corruption Initiative), Advisory Committee Member  

• Amnesty International USA, Board Member 
• International Institute of Management, Chair of the Board of Advisors - Think Tank Research
• American Program Bureau, Global Speaker
• APEC CEO, Delegate
• MFG Talk Radio, Executive Producer and Host of "A Global Perspective with Dr. Adriana Sanford"

SCHOLARSHIP (National and International)
• Co-author. "Women in Security Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation" , 2017

• Lead author. "Guide to Surviving Storms, Challenges, and Ethical Risk", 2015
• Lead author. "Ética Empresarial: Una perspectiva global”, 2015
• Two scholarly research projects: economic development and human capital growth in Chile

 EDUCATION (National and International)
• Law D
egrees: Six years of law school. JD, University of Notre Dame Law School; dual LLM degree in tax and international & comparative law, Georgetown University Law Center 
• Graduate-Level Courses in Global Management: Thunderbird School of Global Management 
• Study Abroad (London, England): Year-long Concanon Program in International Law at Notre Dame Law School’s London campus; International Moot Court Competition
• Research Assistant/ Legal Internship (London, England): Georgetown Immigration Law Journal and corporate immigration legal intern, Law Offices of Paul Ferrell
• Judicial Externship: Judge Harry C. Dees, Jr., U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Northern District of Indiana
• Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in political science (magna cum laude), Arizona State University 
• Study Abroad (Santiago, Chile): Villa Maria Academy 
PERSONAL INFORMATION (dual citizenship)
• Dual Citizenship (Chile/United States)
• Born in Fullerton, California 
• Fourteenth generation Chilean
• Direct descendant of Overstolz dynasty of Cologne, Germany (great, great grandfather - Henry C. von Overstolz
​• Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese

KENYA Water Project

Special Guests

Economic, Social, Cultural Rights

Gregorio Canales

Founding & Managing Partner  (Monterrey/ Mexico Office)

Dentons Law Firm



2015 Annual ISM International Supply Management Conference

 Institute for Supply Management® names Bradley Holcomb

2015 Shipman Award Winner

Executive Producer and Host

Chile/US Chamber of Commerce of California


Mexico's Education Reform

Steven Moinester, Kevin Keefe, Cristofer P Pereyra, Crystal Piao, Derek Osowski, Leticia Ruiz, Steve Kaiser,

David Wheeler, Robert Rogers, Melanie Lueb, Cynthia Coffman, Adriana Sanford

​KEYNOTE / Toronto, Canada

Succeeding in a Global World

New Challenges for Business

​KEYNOTE / Talca, Chile

Bruce Zagaris

"International White Collar Crime:

Cases and Materials"




2017 UTALCA-CIEPLAN Seminario Internacional

"Sociedad sin corrupción: el rol de las empresas y la política"

Jorge Awad, Adriana Sanford, Alejandro Ferreiro, y Manuel Marfán

Breaking News

subject matter expert (SME)

The new security landscape requires more collaboration among our governments and the private sector. Legal debates concerning personal data, encrypted communications, and mass government surveillance continue to mount. National security remains a concern and governments are scrambling to protect their own interests in an inter-connected world. It is imperative that governments endorse consistent principles and enact reforms that will protect cyber security, economic growth, and human rights.



ABOUT Adriana Sanford


 Ciudad de México

​​ I​nternational Enforcement Cooperation on Tax in Trump Era​​​


​KEYNOTE / Mexico

2017 Child Crisis Arizona Annual Fundraising Luncheon 

A Global Perspective

Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Adriana Sanford




Global Corporate Compliance and Ethics


ISSA CISO Executive Forum, Washinton DC, April 2017

​"Information Security, Privacy and Legal Collaboration"

Opening dinner sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company

​​Keynote --- Adriana Sanford

Wilfried Grommen, CTO
Europe, Middle East, Africa ​(EMEA)
​Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Leaders from Chile, China, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Indonesia 

Interstate Child Abuse

DELEGATE / Santiago, Chile


Eduardo Aninat, Former Deputy Managing Director, IMF 

Alan Dunn, Former US Asst. Secretary of Commerce

Adriana Sanford

Carlos Hurtado Ruiz-Tagle, Former Chilean Minister of Public Works

Amnesty International
Amnesty International USA
 Amnesty International Deutschland
Amnesty International Canada


​KEYNOTE / Washington DC

Internationally-recognized privacy and cybersecurity scholar

leading expert on transatlantic relations


Privacy, Cybersecurity, International Law, Transparency,

Anti-corruption and Social Responsibility

Assistant Producer, Kevin Keefe

Carlos Hurtado Ruiz-Tagle, his wife and Adriana Sanford

Assistant Producer,  Kevin Keefe

Med Jones

 American Economist


International Institute of Management



Mitigating US Risks in 

Mergers & Acquisitions 

​Mergers & Acquisitions

in Mexico

 Sanford and Javier Treviño

Mexico's Deputy

Secretary of Education 

Tasha Turpin - Virginia

Sr. Director of Technology Risk & Compliance

GE Energy Connections

Adriana Sanford

Rhonda Farrell - Washington DC


Booz Allen Hamilton

Geoff Harris - York, United Kingdom 


Subject Matter Expert

2017 ISSA CISO Executive Forum 

Opening dinner sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company --- Michael Howard, Worldwide Security Practice Lead; keynote address---Adriana Sanford

Chilean-American Author | Professor | International Corporate Lawyer 
WEF Advisory Committee Member | AI USA Board Member
Keynote | IIM Think Tank Advisory Board Chair | Media Personality

Amnesty International USA Board Meeting, December 2016

Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International Canada

Adriana Sanford is currently a Visiting Professor at the Universidad de Talca in Chile and a Dean’s Visiting Scholar with Georgetown University Law Center. She is an internationally-recognized privacy and cybersecurity scholar and leading expert on transatlantic relations.  Dr. Sanford is a Chilean-American author, professor, and international corporate lawyer who has worked with a broad range of global organizations to strengthen responsibility and transparency. She was featured along with a dozen female professionals in the industry in the “Women in Engineering” book series in “Women in Security Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation”. Through education, outreach, speaking engagements and the protections of rights, she continues to build awareness of, and advancement for, women in leadership as well as social justice and corporate responsibility.

Dr. Sanford delivered the keynote address for the "Information Security, Privacy and Legal Collaboration" conference sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company at the 2017 ISSA CISO Executive Forum. In 2015, she delivered the keynote address for the largest IT, telecom, technology and security conference in Latin America for Spanish-speaking professionals specializing in audit, security, cyber ethics, cyber security, governance and IT risk. Dr. Sanford is a regularly featured subject matter expert (SME) on CNN Dinero at CNN en Español, the network’s 24-hour Spanish language television broadcasting to more than 24 million viewers in the United States and throughout Latin America. She is also the executive producer and host of “A Global Perspective with Dr. Adriana Sanford”, where she interviews seasoned thought leaders and executives from some of America’s leading corporations about theory and practice of data security, privacy, and safety in an interconnected world. The show is sponsored by Willis Towers Watson, which is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company. Her senior correspondents include Wilfried Grommen, Tawanda Mutasah, and Bruce Zagaris. Mr. Grommen serves as Hewlett Packard Enterprise's CTO for EMEA. Mr. Mutasah, Senior Director of Law and Policy for Amnesty International, received the International Bar Association’s “International Rule of Law Award”. Mr. Zagaris, a distinguished expert on international financial crime, has served as a consultant, counsel and lobbyist for fourteen governments and the United Nations on issues involving tax enforcement, financial services, and international criminal law.

Dr. Sanford also serves on the advisory committee of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI), a leading international foundation and business voice on anti-corruption and transparency. Among her current research projects, she worked with the World Economic Forum on exploring levels of trust in the infrastructure and urban development industries. Last year, Dr. Sanford worked on Building Foundations for Trust and Integrity, which is a new World Economic Forum report to help address corruption in Latin America. The report featured Mexico as a case study—as a potential regional model for reform.

In July 2017, she will deliver the keynote address in Chile for a seminar on transparency, accountability, and modern anti-money laundering practices. Dr. Sanford also chairs the advisory board for the International Institute of Management’s think tank research. Her current scholarly research project focuses on the challenges in managing intellectual property in the new age of internet publishing.  Dr. Sanford is also a member of the board of directors of Amnesty International USA, which is the largest country section of the world's largest grassroots human rights organization. Previously, she served as a delegate to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit. In 2011, she also served on ASU’s advisory board of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering EPICS Gold program, a national award-winning social entrepreneurship program designed to provide real world opportunities for undergraduate students to change their world. Dr. Sanford’s particular EPICS project focused on technology and sustainability to address social challenges in connection with 8.8 Richter scale earthquake that struck in February 2010 in south-central Chile.

She is the lead author of two business ethics books that provide critical insight for current and aspiring security, business, and supply chain professionals, “Business Ethics: A Guide to Surviving Storms, Challenges, and Ethical Risks” and “Ética Empresarial: Una perspectiva global”. Dr. Sanford also lectures for numerous non-profit organizations, regularly collaborates with the private sector, and presents at numerous events on global issues, including keynote adresses through the American Program Bureau. She has published a number of articles with the Institute for Supply Management™ that cover important and timely aspects of global corporate ethics and compliance.

Dr. Sanford also served as a Visiting Research Professor at the Universidad de Talca’s School of Business and Economics, on a scholarly research project involving the low female labor participation in Chile.  For five years, she taught business law, ethical leadership, ethical issues of managers, and international management at Arizona State University to more than 1,600 graduate and undergraduate students on an annual basis. In 2015, she also served as ASU’s Lincoln Professor of Global Corporate Compliance and Ethics to 85,000 students and faculty and as ASU's residential college faculty fellow for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Prior to teaching, Dr. Sanford served as the primary US counsel to several multinational businesses, including one of the largest international trading companies in the Southern Cone region — Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Her clients also have included, among others, one of the world's leading security companies, one of Mexico's largest infrastructure companies, and one of Chile's largest fisheries. Among her in-house positions, she has served as the Assistant General Counsel of a trade finance bank, as well as lead counsel for Latin America and US commercial law counsel for four divisions of a Fortune 50 company.

Academically, Dr. Sanford completed six years of law school, receiving a Juris Doctor degree from the Notre Dame Law School and a dual Masters of Law (LL.M.) degree from Georgetown University Law Center in taxation and international and comparative law. She was the first Latin American woman accepted into Georgetown's dual LL.M. program and the only dual LL.M. in her graduating class. Dr. Sanford also studied international and comparative law in the year-long Concannon Program of International Law at the Notre Dame London Law Center in London, England. She then attended Thunderbird School of Global Management for post-graduate studies in global management. Dr. Sanford attended an all-girl’s academy in Chile, Villa Maria Academy before receiving her B.A. in political science from Arizona State University, where she focused on comparative politics.

She is a 14th generation Chilean and a direct descendant of one of the oldest families of Cologne, Germany. Dr. Sanford is a member of the von Overstolz dynasty, which was the ancestral family of Cologne patricians.  She is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and regularly does media interviews in English and Spanish.

Tawanda Mutasah
Sr. Legal Director Law and Policy
Amnesty International Secretariat

​KEYNOTE / Phoenix

Senior Correspondents

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