​Brad Holcomb - Texas


Manufacturing Business Survey Committee
Institute for Supply Management™

Jessica Guatney
Supplier Management Intern - Research and Technology

Boeing Company 

"During the spring semester of 2015, I had the pleasure to be a student in Professor Adriana Sanford’s Business Law and Ethics course within the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University’s West campus. Although I am a Supply Chain Management major located on the Tempe campus, this was one of my favorite and most memorable classes in my four years at the university. I would voluntarily commute an hour each way between campuses to attend Professor Sanford’s weekly lectures because I viewed her as an outstanding teacher and career mentor. Every lecture was fascinating, involving vivid real world examples and group participation, which sparked my fascination with international business law and continued education opportunities.

I had the opportunity to accompany Professor Sanford to the Institute for Supply Management Annual Conference in May 2015 where she was a guest speaker. Professor Sanford had invited me due to my strong interest in professional networking and career planning. This was my first exposure to business conferences and international supply chain careers. This is also where I first gained an interest in the Boeing Company, for whom I later became an intern in Supplier Management. ​Professor Sanford introduced me to other students and professionals that shared my career interests and goals, encouraging me to build a network of mentors and role models. This event opened my eyes to the endless possibilities within Business and the amazing opportunities I was given as a college student in exchange for dedication and goal setting. 

I am now a senior at Arizona State University, expecting to graduate in the spring semester. This past summer, I relocated to Seattle, WA to work in the largest factory in the world, the Boeing Commercial Airplane Manufacturing Facility in Everett, Washington. I excelled in the intern position due to the support of my previously developed professional network of successful mentors including Professor Sanford. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Professor Sanford. I look forward to attending graduate school and beginning my career on a strong foundation, inspired by the career path and professionalism consistently displayed by one of my greatest role models, Professor Adriana Sanford."  



Angelica Monserrate

Thunderbird School of Global Management-Global Affairs and International Business

Arizona State University

"During the spring semester of 2015, I had the opportunity to take Law, Ethics, and Regulations in Business (LES 305) from Professor Adriana Sanford. I am majoring in Business Management. I particularly like her lectures on counterfeit, immigration and labor law. She also discussed the importance of upcoming EU legislation and how different laws may impact us and our US businesses.

Professor Sanford explained to us the importance of looking at issues from a global perspective. It is important for everyone to have a strong ethical compass, because ethics is a key component for a business to thrive. In class we learned about the KPMG Care2 ethical decision making process. I believe she is one of the most caring professors I have had in my college career. Still today, she is always willing to answer all my questions and go the extra mile for me. Apart from being an exemplary professor in the classroom and a great role model for all students not just her own, she personally taught me the great life lesson that you can always find ways to better yourself.

On one occasion while an on-air expert contributor for CNN Dinero, I had the opportunity to watch her during the live CNN show. Professor Sanford had invited me to visit her at the television studio while she was shooting, because of my strong interest in film and television. Her energy and her passion at that time were also evident to me when she answered the questions in Spanish. She continues to use many of her talents, including her languages, to raise awareness in other parts of the world. As a Puerto Rican-American student, I believe in the importance of spreading awareness on ethical issues in global businesses and using your talent and resources to do that. 

Her hard work has constantly inspired me and others to become the best at whatever we do and to make our own impact on the world. I am now in my senior year at Arizona State University. I realized that I really enjoy international business and am considering pursuing a degree in Global Affairs and Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management. I can truthfully say she is not only a wonderful professor, but an inspiring Latin woman and a spirited mentor to me."


Akshy Wali

Product Owner
American Express Company

"During the spring semester of 2016, I had the opportunity to take a graduate-level course on Legal and Ethical Issues for Managers (LES 582) from Professor Adriana Sanford at Arizona State University. Professor Sanford’s classroom discussions centers on corporate ethics, data protection, privacy, supply chain, compliance and anti-money laundering and her book covers many ethical issues managers could face, including pervious examples of big corporate scandals. She is very good at engaging students to contribute their thoughts by giving them direction. She provides case studies and real world examples that range from sophisticated product counterfeiting during ghost shifts in manufacturing companies to terrorist financing, money-laundering and whistleblowing.

I found Professor Sanford to be an efficient and very punctual professor, who came across as someone extremely devoted to her work.  She provided powerful insights when students came up with current affairs or other ethical issues which we felt were important and needed attention. In addition to analyzing the news-breaking EU policy changes about privacy and data protection regulations, we discussed the importance of understanding cultural differences when it came to privacy and the practical effects of foreign corrupt practices and child labor on developing countries, product counterfeiting, and terrorist activities.

Professor Sanford provided us with meaningful feedback on our proposals, group papers, and presentations, which included handling the trickier tasks of stitching together pieces of diverse contributions from each of the students on the teams. Not only did she work well with all of us and develop a good rapport, but it was clear that she could get along well with students with different kinds of temperaments.  Outside of the classroom, Professor Sanford also assisted students with other tasks and assignments and was considered the ‘go-to’ person for many students. She is a person that provides sound reasoning with her recommendations and solutions.  Professor Sanford is an asset to our university as a professor and a great media personality. I hope she continues to teach at Arizona State University given her passion, commitment, and dedication to her work.​​​​​"


Sherveen Salim
Management Trainee
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"I am majoring in Global Leadership Management and had the opportunity to take Business Law and Ethics for Managers (LES 305) from Professor Adriana Sanford during my spring semester of 2015. I particularly enjoyed class discussions on the importance of business ethics and the prevention of money laundering schemes and product counterfeiting. Collaboration is fundamental to employee engagement and there are many interrelated benefits derived from workplace ethics, including the ability to attract and keep workers, customers, and investors. We covered other topics, such as Internet law, the effects of the upcoming EU data protection legislation on our US businesses, and the roles of social media and privacy.

In addition Professor Sanford provided me and several students in our class with admission to our first international conference. She brought us to the Institute for Supply Management’s three-day international conference with over 3,000 participants. This was an amazing experience for me, given my strong interest in global business. We had an opportunity to connect with senior corporate leaders from all over the world and join ISM in their 100-year anniversary celebration. They are the largest institute in the world for supply chain leaders.

It has been my experience that Professor Sanford has always gone out of her way to help students in any way possible. She tries to guide them in the right direction and offers assistance where necessary. Whether it is to find a job or choose the right career path, she is someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand or give some sound advice. She is more than just a teacher, she has been my friend and my mentor.

I am now in my senior year at Arizona State University and will be graduating this December 2016. I continue to enjoy international business and would like to obtain a position overseas. I am considering pursuing a masters in Global Management next year at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Though Professor Sanford is no longer my teacher, she is still just a phone call or email away whenever I have a question or another difficult decision to make.

We need more professors like her in this world to encourage students to stay in school. Professors with strong work ethics, who are passionate about their job and willing to put in extra work hours beyond what is expected in class. They make a difference in our future."

Melanie Lueb
Undergraduate Student 
W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University

​"During the spring semester of 2016, I had the opportunity to take Business Law 305 from Professor Adriana Sanford. I am majoring in Business Global Politics. I particularly liked her lectures on international law, data breeches and how they profoundly affect all of us. In class, we learned valuable information about becoming knowledgeable about international cases, such as Microsoft Contempt of Court, and how it is relevant and affecting how major corporations share information. She also discussed the importance of knowing what our civil rights are in the workplace and how to make ethical decisions in all areas of life, not just the workplace. I believe that it is important for everyone to have an ethical decision-making process because it provides a compass for moral decisions.  She taught several different models of ethical decision processes that could be used in any situation.  She also shed much light on the corruption in the supply chain, counterfeit products, and online scams. 

Dr. Sanford made in immediate impression on me, not just as a professor, but someone with passion for her field of work and direct communication. She is knowledgeable of so many aspects of domestic and international law and motivated all of us to become more informed of the decisions that corporations like Verizon, Microsoft and pharmaceutical companies are making on behalf of all of us. She encouraged us to be involved in our communities and join associations affiliated with our areas of major, like the ISM, Institute for Supply Chain Management. 

I am now in my Senior year at Arizona State University. I really enjoy learning about international law and how it affects all of us personally even though laws may seem far removed from me, they impact all of us. I am considering working in global politics and policy because of Dr. Sanford’s passion in global issues and due diligence. She is an exceptional professor and I enjoyed her class immensely."



Elizabeth Sneed
Public Affairs Director



"A woman truly transcendent, fearless, and courageous; the thought may garner the likes of Margret Thatcher, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Sandra Day O’Conner. Yet, another woman of equal significance walks amongst us at Arizona State University and I am one of the privileged few who call her my educator, mentor, and friend.

I was first introduced to Professor Sanford during my final ASU fall semester of 2014, in the Business Law and Ethics for Managers Course (LES 305). I immediately recognized her as both a world class professional and professor. She outlined business and law challenges facing today’s corporate and political leaders, then presented her class with those same topics through an engaging and meaningful approach. She required her students to think critically about problems without solutions and consider the consequences of believing impunity extends across borders and bank accounts.

The lessons I learned in her course about ethics, justice, and international business extended far beyond a scantron, they ascended to the level of executive decision makers in boardrooms and political leaders throughout the world. Professor Sanford recognizes her students will go on to be future leaders in those very settings and therefore teaches at an academic and intellectual level that stimulates the intense thought required to solve the numerous complex and ethically obscure dilemmas of the United States and the world at large.

Her passion and commitment to higher education is unparalleled as well as her extra-curricular work in both the domestic and international sectors related to cyber-security, ethics, and law. As an alumni of Arizona State University and a professional in the political sphere,  I continue to look forward to her many more achievements towards education."

Richard Riggle

Undergraduate Student
W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University

It is not easy to write about Dr. Sanford in a concise way, since she has had such a profound impact on my life both personally and academically.  Dr. Sanford was my professor in LES 305 (Business Law and Ethics for Managers) during the fall of 2016. She is an astute scholar and is dedicated to her students.

ASU is fortunate to count her as a member of the faculty. By most accounts, Dr. Sanford has led a remarkable life and has helped countless people—including myself— who may have not had a chance to succeed without her intervening on our behalves. She is loved and revered by her students.

She has emphasized the need for ethical leadership and all the benefits it confers to organizations and society at large. The book she co-authored, "Business Ethics: A Guide to Surviving Storms, Challenges, and Ethical Risks", stresses the importance of “doing the right thing”. Dr. Sanford continues to serve as a good example of what that means.

Her impressive work ethic is only surpassed by her enthusiasm for teaching students and researching ethical dilemmas.  It’s hard to imagine how many lives Dr. Sanford has touched, but there will undoubtedly be a ripple effect in teaching the leaders of tomorrow the importance of acting ethically


David Wheeler

Undergraduate Student

W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University

Student Evaluation/ Fall Semester of 2014 : ​"As a former student who attended Professor Adriana Sanford's course on Law and Ethics (LES 305) at Arizona State University, I found her lectures and discussions to be engaging, informative, and well-organized. She always made certain that we understood the topics presented and encouraged us to think critically about the application of law and ethics to our profession.

On a broader scale, she was passionate about empowering us to use our full potential and seize opportunities that could create a positive change in business. She had us consider a multiple stakeholder approach to corporate governance and assess the way in which certain operations may adversely impact us on a global scale. Her approach to teaching and her dedication ensured overall student success and engagement. This quality faculty-student interaction is what students' desire in all their professors.

ln addition to being our professor, Professor Sanford is a well-known global speaker that lectures at multiple professional events. During the semester, she was invited to speak on cybersecurity and business ethics with Hewlett-Packard's Chief Technology Officer for Europe during the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Conference. This international conference was held at the European Compliance and Ethics lnstitute in London. As a student, I was both inspired and privileged to be taught by a professor of her professional stature.

Professor Sanford's service and involvement in the local and global community demonstrates an eagerness to improve both domestic and foreign affairs and policies. She is a woman of impeccable integrity. Her strong faith and ability to continue moving forward towards personal growth, both spiritually and professionally, is why I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know her formally as my professor and informally as my mentor." 

Stephanie Grob
Summer Associate

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

"During the fall semester of 2012, I had the opportunity to take a course on Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business from Professor Adriana Sanford. In addition to the course, I completed an honors enrichment contract with Professor Sanford through Barrett, The Honors College. These contracts are tailored to the specific needs of the student and while the course was online, it allowed me to create a relationship with Professor Sanford. 

This particular opportunity allowed me to study legal issues within the fashion industry and to meet with her outside of class. I was working in the retail industry at the time, and I was aware I would be writing my thesis on marketing in luxury fashion. I realized that I was becoming more interested in the legal issues of the industry than the marketing issues, but I wasn’t sure where to turn next. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, and an International Business Studies Certificate. I also completed my honors thesis, Modernizing Luxury Fashion Brand Management for Millennial Consumers: An Analysis of the Past, Present, and Future of the Luxury Fashion World.

I continued working as a manager for two years in a retail store after graduation, but still found myself fascinated by legal issues that arose. I reached out to Professor Sanford, and she was happy to discuss the possibility of law school with me. I knew this was the next step on my path after talking to her, and she gladly helped me through the LSAT and school choice process. Her advice was critical to many of the decisions I have made, and I was certain that she helped me make the best choice for me.

I am currently a 2L student at Fordham University School of Law. I am a staff member on the Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Journal, a teaching assistant for the 1L Legal Writing Program, and a student director of the Fashion Law Institute Pop-Up Clinic. I am also on the board of the Fashion Law Society. I will always be grateful for the guidance that Professor Sanford gave me in this process. I know that I am in the best position for the career I want because of her guidance."

​​​Crystal Piao, MS
Executive Team Lead Human Resources
Target Corporation

“Professor Sanford frequently reaches out to students, lifts them up, and encourages them through words, by example, or other positive actions of influence. During my Master of Science in Business Management program (Spring of 2015), Professor Sanford taught the Ethics in Business course. Unlike many professional educators, it was immediately apparent to myself and others in the class that Professor Sanford honestly followed the principles she taught in her classroom.

Some of the most vivid memories of my graduate program experience were her real life examples on how ethical business decisions were sometimes hard to make, and how could we encourage more people to recognize the moment when courage is actually required. While many professors depict moral decisions to be black and white or right and wrong, Professor Sanford guided us through how to handle ethical gray areas and how to make the right decisions.

Outside the classroom, Professor Sanford  also regularly followed up with me and several other graduate students in order to acquire deeper insights into our professional aspirations and the resources available to help us realize our post-graduation goals; this type of guidance and commitment to students and alumni -- in my opinion – it is at the heart of a true mentoring relationship.”

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Christos Dimitriadis (Greece)
Group Director of Information Security, INTRALOT 

Chair of the Board of Directors, ISACA
"Adriana was the keynote speaker in ISACA's Latin America Computer Audit Control and Security Conference that took place in September 2015. She is an excellent lecturer and multidimensional expert combining legal, technology, governance and policy related knowledge that gives her audience the opportunity to achieve a holistic opinion on the presented subject."  

Joshua C. Teitelbaum (Washington DC)
Associate Dean of Research and Academic Programs, Professor of Law

​Georgetown University Law Center

​"Ms. Sanford is an illustrious alumna of GULC, having earned a dual LLM in Taxation and International & Comparative Law in 1999. We have been delighted by her re-affiliation with the Law Center. Her scholarship and international service during her tenure as a Dean's Visiting Scholar has reflected very well on GULC."

Med Jones (Las Vegas)

International Institute of Management

"I have the utmost respect and admiration for Adriana Sanford as a professional and a person. She is a legal thought leader and a strong human rights defender, who created and implemented best legal practices for multinationals including one of the largest companies in the world. More importantly, through noble acts of bravery, she protected her clients, employees, and senior executives from international organized crime and corruption. Rarely do we see such individuals with this level of competency, courage, and integrity. When it comes to a sound and incorruptible legal mind, Adriana is second to none."

Mary Lue Peck (Arizona)
Chief Content & Engagement Officer

Institute for Supply Management™
"Adriana is extremely knowledgeable and articulate both as a presenter and as a writer on topics of supply chain ethics, international financial crime enforcement, and other matters of comparative law. In addition to her overall expertise and keen understanding of the practical aspects of international business and supply chain management, her contemporary teaching style and high degree of professionalism have proven to be extremely valuable."  

​Brad Holcomb (Texas)
Chair, Manufacturing Business Survey Committee
Institute for Supply Management™

"In my role as Chair of the Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) Manufacturing Report on Business, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Adriana to draw on her expertise as it relates to global supply chains. Adriana has published a number of articles in ISM publications covering important and timely aspects of global corporate ethics and compliance. These are critical subjects for our 45,000 members in 90 countries to understand and implement across their companies. I have also worked directly with Adriana as a collaborating author on a significant project, with Adriana taking the lead role. 

Adriana is clearly a leader in her field, and she is also a skilled collaborator that seeks out world-class experts to partner with on research projects as well as real-world application initiatives. Her international network, including global corporate leaders and important government officials, is second to none. In the field of global corporate ethics and compliance, Adriana is my "go to" resource, and she is always eager to help in any way she can. In summary, Adriana is an industrious expert, a leader in her field, and a pleasure to know and work with."   

​​Debbie Christofferson (Arizona)
​ISSA International Board of Directors
Chair CISO Advisory Council

"Adriana spoke for us at ISSA’s CISO Executive Forum, on the supply chain, security and privacy, across organizations, jurisdictions and countries. She is a compelling expert speaker who fully engaged our CISO audience, who are certainly experts in their own cyber security line of work. Adriana was professional, articulate and responsive to our needs and what the audience wanted, and she delivered a successful session that provoked new thought and learning. Adriana also spoke to our local security chapters on similar topics. She resonates and can carry the program. Adriana is an expert in her field who is driven, articulate and passionate. She’s approachable, helpful and responsive—really goes out of her way to help. One of my personal goals is helping other women succeed in our field, and Adriana falls into that camp as well. All of my interaction with Adriana is professional and top notch, over the top in exceeding expectations."

​​Janice Comer Bradley (Washington DC)
Executive Director 
Information Systems Security Association

"Adriana Sanford was the keynote speaker at the April 21, 2017 Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) CISO Forum in Washington, D.C. Dr. Sanford brilliantly addressed Chief Cyber Security Officers on Multijurisdictional Conflicts Under a New Security Landscape. She explained that the new landscape requires greater collaboration among governments and the private sector and that legal debates concerning personal data, encrypted communications, and mass government surveillance will continue to mount. As National security remains a concern - she discussed how governments are scrambling to protect their own interests in an inter-connected world—often at the expense of privacy and perhaps other individual freedoms. An audience grabber - Dr. Sanford addressed numerous questions and attendees expressed their desire to have additional talks by Dr. Sanford in the future!"

Wilfried Grommen (Belgium)
Chief Technologist (International Governmental Institutions, European Union) 

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

"I have been working with Professor Sanford, as part of the recent discussions around privacy, and the forthcoming new EU data protection regulation. Adriana is one of the rare persons within the US university circles, fully engaged in the international legislation initiatives, and with a particular sensitivity to international cultural differences. She advocates a stronger sensitivity and alertness for these issues within the US, and pushes for a worldwide dialogue and global approach. It is a pleasure working with her."  

Cristian Edwards (Chile)

Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Principal Financial Group  

"Adriana focuses on the recognition of the human rights of all individuals, especially children and women in situations of social vulnerability. Her desire for greater accountability and improved justice in the global community is evident by her work, including advisory and board membership positions with international humanitarian entities. These attributes, combined with her cultural awareness, multiple legal degrees, language skills, and two decades in international corporate law, make her of tremendous value for scholarly research projects on a global scale." 


​​Mark Potter (Washington DC)
Chief Information Security Officer
​NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc

​"Dr. Adriana Sanford delivered a brilliant keynote presentation at the 2017 Washington DC ISSA CISO Forum.
Her coverage of international supply chain issues, cross-jurisdictional prosecution challenges, cross-border data transfer agreements and EU privacy law was captivating, timely and very informative. Adriana's passion for teaching, the complex interrelated domains she covers and international human rights comes across in her delivery and interactions. A fellow CISO's comment at the end of the presentation echoed the thought of other attendees...."you could hear a pin drop". I look forward to Professor Sanford's future keynotes and to her upcoming book Women in Security: Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marilyn Tucker (Washington DC)
Director, Alumni Career Services & International Internship Program
Georgetown University Law Center

​​"During the course of the last 22 years, I have come to know Adriana well and have worked with her in a variety of different ways. I have found her to be a person with incredible drive. No matter how much is on her plate, she always gives 100% to every job or project she undertakes. I feel quite strongly about her ability to take any idea or scholarly project and bring it to fruition. I have advised her along the way and find her to have a well-organized, yet flexible mind, which enables her to breakdown tasks into manageable pieces, as well as to reshape her own thinking, and move seamlessly between languages and cultures....

In these times of global crisis, her level of expertise in corruption, privacy, security, as well as her strong academic credentials in international and comparative law, are considered unique and invaluable among her peers both in the private and public sectors. These attributes combined with her cultural awareness, her ability to readily communicate in four languages, as well as her deeply ingrained system of values and her dynamic presentation style make her very attractive. I have spent my career working with Georgetown alumni, following their career paths, and guiding them along the way. I believe Adriana’s exceptional energy, focus, moral courage, and team building ability are among the very best."  

Judy Keane, M.B.A. (Washington DC)
Director of Public Affairs 
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

"Adriana is well known to me in her professional capacity as we worked together on many fronts through various media outlets while I was Director of Communications/Media Relations at Arizona State University. In the field of global corporate ethics, Adriana is a significant resource and a regular contributor for CNN DINERO on EU-US matters, particularly in the technology sector. She teaches courses that address pressing real world ethical dilemmas currently being faced by our governments and businesses, including significant political and security pressures. She is a strong supporter of humanitarian causes and a prolific leader in her field." 

Michael M. Crow (Arizona)

Arizona State University

"I saw your feature on ASU Now and wanted to personally congratulate you on being elected to the board of directors of Amnesty International USA. This is an outstanding accomplishment and speaks directly to the caliber of dedication you have to your work. We are proud to count you among our faculty members here at ASU and I look forward to following your continued success. Keep up the great work!"  

​​Arcadio Cerda (Chile)
Dean of the School of Business and Economics
Universidad de Talca 
"We would like to add our support and validate the accomplishments of Professor Adriana Sanford.  She is a highly regarded professor and scholar with multiple degrees, who is well-respected by her superiors, peers, and the global community...​. Her dedication to teaching, research, outreach, as well as humanitarian and social causes inspires her colleagues, students, and others to achieve more and give more.  She is a lead role model for women across the globe."   

​​​​​​​​​Reza Fakhari, Ph.D. (New York)

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Amnesty International USA

"I have the privilege of knowing Professor Adriana Sanford. We have common research interests and intellectual commitments, which allows us to collaborate on projects (especially on those regarding children, human rights, and the ethical challenges of globalization).  Infrequently do we find a highly knowledgeable academic, who is so passionately devoted to furthering the public interest. She is that genuine kind of public intellectual."   

​​Jim Moore (Arizona)
Vice Chair, Department of Management
W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

"I am Adriana's immediate supervisor within the W. P. Carey School of Business and I feel very comfortable in giving her a strong recommendation. She has taught classes for us in the topic areas of law, ethics and international business. Besides having extensive practical experience and education in these areas, she also brings a passion for teaching and a concern for all of her students into these classes. On numerous occasions I have seen her go above and beyond the norm to take care of her students. She is continually looking to improve her classes, to better take care of her students."

Bruce Zagaris (Washington DC)
Law Partner 
Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP

"I have known Adriana Sanford for approximately six years. I became acquainted with her due to her work in international enforcement law. We have also spoken about collaborating and teaching courses on international white collar crime. She has written some articles for the International Enforcement Law Reporter, a print and online journal, which I founded in 1985 and edit. Thereafter, I have collaborated with her on various academic matters concerning international business and enforcement issues, including some writing projects and radio programs. I have also followed her teaching at Arizona State University (ASU), since some of my policy work closely relates to her work on ethics in international business and ethics. 

Ms. Sanford's rich experiences in international business transactions, corporate, comparative, international and enforcement law, and her love of academic life have enabled her to excel at teaching. Ms. Sanford relates well to students and faculty. She is very adept at using traditional and social media in communicating. She quickly assumed a heavy load of teaching responsibilities at ASU. Her enthusiasm for teaching and policy work on international business and ethical issues is also evident in the production of radio shows and scholarly articles. Ms. Sanford's bi-cultural abilities have made her a great asset in teaching and policy work. In view of the foregoing, I am heartily recommending her."    

Wayne Proctor (Atlanta)
VP, Information Security 

​"Adriana served as a speaker for an ISSA CISO Forum that I was chairing. She was an excellent speaker. Her credentials and experience are excellent to set her apart as a true industry expert. Her speaking style was very clear and engaged the audience. I recommend Adriana as a speaker on any of the many topics that she is experienced in."

Geoff Harris (York, United Kingdom) 
CEO, Alderbridge 
ISSA International Board of Directors

​"Adriana is a very thought provoking and engaging speaker. Her excellent presentation at the ISSA CISO Executive Forum in Washington DC in April 2017 on Multijurisdictional Conflicts Under a New Security Landscape gave CISO delegates plenty to think about, especially around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the issues regarding the protection for all individuals within the European Union EU that will become law in May 2018." 

John Barsa (Washington DC)
Director of Business Development 
Goldbelt, Incorporated

"I have had the privilege of knowing Adriana for a number of years. She has the gift of being able to take highly complex information and present it to any audience in such a way that it is easily understood. Whether in an academic setting, charitable endeavor, or other setting, her commitment to excellence and her drive is unmatched."

​Cody Wamsley (Arizona)
Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Attorney 
McDonald Hopkins LLC

​"Adriana spoke at our quarterly ISSA meeting on the topics of ethics and compliance in a cyber security context. She provided a highly-engaging discussion of these sometimes dry topics and, as Program Director for the event, I received high praise for her presentation from many members of the audience. I would recommend her for any speaking engagement. Adriana has plenty of real-world experience to draw from and capture the attention of even the most technically-focused audiences."       

​​Anthony DelPiano (New York)
Vice President, Associate General Counsel - HSBC North America
Chief Legal Counsel & Secretary - HSBC Insurance

​"Adriana is an international corporate lawyer and humanitarian, who has worked with a broad range of global organizations to strengthen accountability, transparency and human rights. She has the rare ability to see the big picture, yet be highly detailed. Over the past two decades, she has served in a variety of senior leadership positions, including assistant general counsel of a bank and lead Latin American counsel at a Fortune 500 company. Her ethical standards and moral character are beyond reproach."  

Tim Grady (Atlanta)
Mfg Talk Radio Show 

"Adriana Sanford has a brilliant legal mind capable of sifting through complex international laws to identify the corporate pitfalls and elucidate the pathway to ethical multinational business dealings. She is a frequent and respected contributor to the industry on Manufacturing Talk Radio in her area of expertise."

F. John Mathis (Texas)

Director of the Global Financial Services Center 

Thunderbird School of Global Management

"Adriana is an extremely bright person with a keen analytical mind, a wonderful personality with very advanced leadership skills. She is an energetic, enthusiastic, personable and a determined individual. I found her to be a good team player and a respectable team leader that engendered the trust of her peers.  I believe Adriana is knowledgeable and broad in her field of expertise. She also has strong motivational abilities, creative thinking and, in her career path, has demonstrated the ability to make difficult leadership decisions. These attributes, combined with her strong language skills, cultural awareness and superb academic credentials are considered unique and invaluable among her colleagues in the private and public sector alike. I strongly believe she is someone who has the ability to provide exceptional value in diverse cultural environments. It has been a pleasure getting to know this extraordinary person. She is a self-starter, conscientious and diligent in meeting deadlines, a clear communicator, trustworthy and gets along well with others."  ​​

Hector Madariaga (California/ Chile)
Vice President, Energy International  and
Chairman, Energía, S.A.​

"I was very impressed with Adriana and her vision to establish a Chile/US Chamber of Commerce of California. Working in Chile and looking to develop the economy of the V Region, we were looking to establish more business connections with the US and California and the proposed Chamber was the ideal vehicle for our goals.  This was important as the Chile/US Trade Agreement was about to come into effect. Adriana was very effective in forming the organization, which became active in January 2004. What is more impressive is that this effort was done under her own initiative. Adriana is very energetic, has excellent working relationship with executives, knows how to break down barriers and makes great business connections. "

Peter Lambert  (California)
Senior Vice President
Willis Towers Watson

"I have known Ms. Sanford for around 15 years.  During that timeframe I have observed a number of personal characteristics that stand out. The first quality that comes to mind is that of a Visionary. I've been engaged in several business efforts under her leadership. She has never lacked for finding and implementing the "next step" in process in a process whether in business, charitable work, or academia. No challenge has ever caused her to back down.

The second quality I've seen in Ms. Sanford is that of Trustworthiness. When she says she's going to do something, she does it.  It is a rare characteristic today and she epitomizes it. I trust her implicitly. The third quality she possesses is that of Endurance. In our complex world today there are many barriers to getting things accomplished, whether economic difficulties, challenging coworkers or changing legal and regulatory environment. Adriana Sanford has the unique strength to break down age-old barriers to moving to the next step.  She can wear down a less motivated opposition by her strength of efforts. 

Finally, I see in her generosity. She's not the kind of leader the looks for personal aggrandizement. She shares the credit for ideas and efforts freely . She provides business referrals.  She leads by example, guiding the way. Her collegial style of leadership brings all parties into play."


Rodrigo de la Fuente V  (Chile)
Senior Legal Counsel
Enel Chile and Enel Americas

"Adriana, es una excelente profesional del derecho y de las comunicaciones, con una demostrada y destacada trayectoria profesional y académica, a quién he tenido el privilegio de conocer. Adriana, destaca, entre otros muchos aspectos, por ser un abogado responsable y comprometido con la actividad que desarrolla, siempre con mucha dedicación, compromiso y cuidado de los detalles. Sabe trabajar en equipo y se coordina muy bien en proyectos inter disciplinarios. En lo humano, es una persona extremadamente amable, cercana y respetuosa por lo que trabajar con ella constituye un verdadero agrado."


Michael M. Crow - Arizona
Arizona State University


Judy Keane, M.B.A. - Washington DC
Director of Public Affairs 
United States Conference

of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

​​​​​​​​​Reza Fakhari, Ph.D. - New York

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Amnesty International USA

Janice Comer Bradley - Washington DC

Executive Director

Information Systems Security Association

Tim Grady - Atlanta


Mfg Talk Radio Show 

Joshua C. Teitelbaum - Washington DC
Associate Dean, Research and Academic Programs, Professor of Law​Georgetown University Law Center



​Anthony DelPiano - New York
Vice President, Associate General Counsel

HSBC North America
Chief Legal Counsel & Secretary

HSBC Insurance


John Barsa - Washington DC
Director of Business Development 
Goldbelt, Incorporated

A Global Perspective

Wilfried Grommen - Belgium
Chief Technologist (EMEA)

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Hector Madariaga - California/ Chile

Vice President

Sempra Energy International 



Chilquinta Energía, S.A.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marilyn Tucker - Washington DC

Alumni Career Services and

International Internship Program
Georgetown University Law Center

​​Debbie Christofferson - Arizona
​ISSA International Board of Directors
Chair CISO Advisory Council

Mary Lue Peck - Arizona
Chief Content & Engagement Officer
Institute for Supply Management™

Geoff Harris - York, United Kingdom 

CEO, Alderbridge

ISSA International Board of Directors


demo reel available upon request

Bruce Zagaris - Washington DC
Law Partner 
Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP

Rodrigo de la Fuente V - Chile

Senior Legal Counsel

Enel Chile and Enel Americas

S T A Y     C O N N E C T E D




​​Arcadio Cerda - Chile

School of Business and Economics
Universidad de Talca 

Peter Lambert - California

Senior Vice President

Willis Towers Watson

Cody Wamsley - Arizona
Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Attorney 
McDonald Hopkins LLC

Wayne Proctor - Atlanta
VP, Information Security 


Jim Moore - Arizona
Vice Chair 

Department of Management
W. P. Carey School of Business

Arizona State University

Mark Potter - Washington DC
Chief Information Security Officer
​NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc

Med Jones - Las Vegas


International Institute of Management

Cristian Edwards - Chile
Chief Legal Counsel and

Chief Compliance Officer
Principal Financial Group

​​​​​​​​​​​​Christos Dimitriadis - Greece
Group Director

Information Security, INTRALOT 
Chair of the Board of Directors, ISACA

F. John Mathis - Texas
Director, Global Financial Services Center 
Thunderbird School of Global Management

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