Adriana Sanford

Child Crisis Arizona Gala, Feburary 2017

Hosted by Friends of Child Crisis Arizona

2017 Child Crisis Arizona Annual Fundraising Luncheon 


80 alumnos de carreras de pregrado y profesora visitante  Adriana Sanford

A Global Perspective


Adriana Sanford

Interstate Child Abuse

Amnesty International USA Board Meeting, December 2016

Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International Canada

Privacy, Data Protection & Hacks Attacks

Upcoming data protection reform highlights the need for consistent, global legislation to help businesses protect customer and supplier information. Ensuring the security of the supply chain is crucial to safeguarding a company’s intellectual property, reputation and relationships with its customers and suppliers.

Global Supply Chain Ethics

The supply management profession faces a new level of scrutiny and compliance responsibility. While the rise of globally extended supply chains has been a driving force for greater prosperity, it has also created or heightened money laundering, bribery and corruption risks, as well as human rights-related abuses.

Sophisticated Product Counterfeiting & Deterrence

The use of counterfeit goods is increasingly prevalent across all industries and is affecting consumers’ health and safety as well as companies’ reputations, profits and brands. Counterfeit parts have become highly sophisticated and harder to identify — packaging, labeling, or below-market pricing no longer distinguishes them from legitimate products.

New & Diverse Anti-Corruption & Anti-Money Laundering Laws

Varying rules and procedures require closer monitoring and further training to ensure that employees and third parties are compliant with relevant anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws.

Regulation of Human Rights-Related Risks

Complex supply chains that wind around the world can leave multinational companies vulnerable to ties with businesses linked to human rights abuses, exposing businesses and their leaders to an array of financial, regulatory, legislative, legal and reputational risks.

Ethical Leadership & Strategic Positions at the Management Table

It is incumbent upon today’s leaders to ensure that their organizations and supply chains are educated and well-equipped to competently address challenges and ethical risks on a global scale.

2015 Annual ISM International Supply Management Conference

 Institute for Supply Management® names Bradley Holcomb

2015 Shipman Award Winner




Adriana Sanford

Michael Howard - Colorado

Worldwide Security Practice Lead

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Janice Comer Bradley - Washington DC
Executive Director

Information Systems Security Association 

Amnesty International
Amnesty International USA
 Amnesty International Deutschland
Amnesty International Canada


Tasha Turpin - Virginia

Sr. Director of Technology Risk & Compliance

GE Energy Connections

Adriana Sanford

Rhonda Farrell - Washington DC


Booz Allen Hamilton

Geoff Harris - York, United Kingdom 


Steven Moinester, Kevin Keefe, Cristofer P Pereyra, Crystal Piao, Derek Osowski, Leticia Ruiz, Steve Kaiser,

David Wheeler, Robert Rogers, Melanie Lueb, Cynthia Coffman, Adriana Sanford

Universidad de Talca - Facultad de Economía y Negocios

 pregrado y posgrado ​cursos sobre liderazgo ético

Talca, Chile  ​2017

Amnesty International USA Board Meeting, March 2017 

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ISSA CISO Executive Forum, Washinton DC, April 2017

​"Information Security, Privacy and Legal Collaboration"

Opening dinner sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company

​​Keynote --- Adriana Sanford