Ethics and Compliance

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Lew Weiss, Brad Holcomb, Tom Derry, Tim Grady


Supply Chain


Expert: Executive Producer and Host on MFG Radio Show, “Global Perspective with Dr. Adriana Sanford”. Will serve as executive producer and host of a monthly radio program on Manufacturing Talk Radio, which is a weekly live Talk Radio show broadcast to manufacturers of all sizes across America

  • "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities", Special Guest Senior Fellow Janet Lord, Harvard School of Law, ​09/14/2017
  • ​"Legal Issues with ​Mergers & Acquisitions in Mexico​​​", Special Guest Gregorio Canales, Founding & Managing Partner (Monterrey/ Mexico), Dentons, 05/26/2017
  • ​​​"Mitigating US Risks in Mergers & Acquisitions​​​", Special Guest Peter Lambert, Senior Vice President at Willis Towers Watson", 05/25/2017
  • ​​​​​​​"I​nternational Enforcement Cooperation on Tax in Trump Era​​​", Special Guest Bruce Zagaris, Author: International White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials, ​05/18/2017
  • "Mexico's Education Reform", Special Guest  Hon. Javier Treviño, Mexico’s Deputy Secretary of Education, 05/12/2017
  • "New Dutch Surveillance Legislation", Special Guest Eduard Nazarski, Director at Amnesty International Netherlands, 05/04/2017
  • "Economic, Social, Cultural Rights", Special Guest Tawanda Mutasah, Senior Director for Law and Policy at Amnesty International Secretariat, 05/02/2017
  • ​​​​"Privacy, Data Protection, Blockchain Technology", ​Special Guest Wilfried Grommen,  Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett Packard for EMEA, ​04/04/2017


Expert: Senior International Correspondent on Compliance and Ethics, Manufacturing Talk Radio. 05/2015 – 04/2017. Periodic expert appearances (15-minute)

  • "ISM Report on Business with Brad Holcomb and Professor Sanford Speaks on Apple v. FBI", 02/26/2016
  • "S4-E13a  ISM Report on Business with Brad Holcomb and Professor Sanford Speaks on Microsoft US Court Case", 07/7/2015
  • "S4-E7 ISM Report on Business with Brad Holcomb and Professor Sanford Speaks on Counterfeit Parts and Products in the Supply Chain", 05/2015
  • "S4-Ea1Special Broadcast on Corporate Ethics with Professor Adriana Sanford", 05/2015
  • "S4-E17 ISM Report on Business with Brad Holcomb and Professor Sanford Speaks on Dodd-Frank Legislation", 08/04/2015


Expert: Weekly Ethics Expert, Business for Breakfast with Jeffry O’Brien/Francois Rhodes, Money Radio (1510 on KFNN). 01/2014 – 05/2015. Weekly expert appearances on Business for Breakfast (15-minute) for six months reached listeners in Palm Springs, California and Phoenix metropolitan (4.5 million residents). Money Radio: longest standing US commercial business news radio station

  • “Managing Foreign Bribery and Corporate Exposure”, 05/2014
  • “Progress on EU Data Protection Reform”, 05/2014
  • “Reduce Embarrassing Investigations of Foreign Subsidiaries”, 04/2014
  • “Product Counterfeiting Impacts Your Business”, 04/2014
  • “Proactive Strategic Vision or Reactive Necessity: New Role of CECO”, 03/2014
  • “Hacks & Massive Data Breaches: Privacy, Transparency and Disclosure”, 03/2014
  • “Sophisticated Cyber-Criminals Target US Companies”, 02/2014
  • “Ethical Issues for Managers”, 01/2014


Expert: Ethics Expert, Financial News with Sinclair Noe, Money Radio.

  • “Apple and FBI”, 03/15/2016
  • “Global Threat of Counterfeit Drugs”, 04/2014


Expert: Executive Producer and Host on NBC New Affiliate. For two years, served as executive producer and cohost of a live weekly business program, Beyond the Curve Show (30-minute), broadcast Sunday mornings on an NBC1260 (KBSZ) for Phoenix metropolitan area, which ranks #12 largest metropolitan area in the nation

  • “Ethics of Youth Branding: Clarity, Truthfulness & Responsibility”, Special Guest: Gelcomm Communications Agency Principal Patricio Fuentes, 05/2012
  • “Tax Evasion Schemes”, Adriana Sanford, 04/2012
  • “Influence and Responsibilities of Youth & Family Branding”, Special Guest: Gelcomm Communications Senior Creative Director Alicia Goodyear-Lichens, 04/201
  • “Multidiscipline & Multicultural Branding: Understanding Segmentation of Complex and Multicultural Tween & Youth Audiences”, Special Guest: Gelcomm Communications Agency Principal Patricio Fuentes, 04/2012
  • “Sophisticated Cybercrimes”, Adriana Sanford, 03/2012
  • “Future of Retail Consumer Packaged Goods on Shelf and Online”, Special Guest: Gelcomm Communications Senior Creative Director Alicia Goodyear-Lichens, 3/2012
  • “Money Laundering Schemes”, Adriana Sanford, 03/2012
  • “Global Economics”, Special Guest: Dr. John Mathis --Thunderbird School of Global Management Director of the Global Financial Services Center, 03/2012
  • “Innovative Management Techniques”, Special Guest: Author Dr. Deborah Himsel, Leadership Sopranos Style, 02/2012
  • “Negotiation Power”, Special Guest: Author Dr. Karen Walch, Seize the Sky, 02/2012
  • “Effects of Counterfeiting on Pharmaceutical Industry”, Special Guest: Judith Okafor, 01/2012
  • “Leadership Insights: Diversity and Inclusiveness”, Special Guests: Thunderbird School of Global Management Clinical Professor Denis LeClerc and Thunderbird EMBA student Ryan Gregg, 12/2011
  • ”Global Negotiations”, Special Guests: Thunderbird School of Global Management Clinical Professor Denis LeClerc and Thunderbird EMBA student Hugh Wolf, 12/2011
  • “Effects of International White Collar Crime on Senior Executives”, Special Guest: Bruce Zagaris, Editor: International Enforcement Law Reporter & Author: International White Collar Crime, 11/2011
  • “Global Marketing”, Special Guests: Hugh Wolf and Luis Rodriguez, 11/2011
  • “Emerging Markets”, Special Guests: Anish Gaur / Ryan Gregg, 11/2011
  • “Contract Negotiation Strategies”, Special Guests: Anish Gaur / Ryan Gregg, 11/2011
  • “International Assignments”, Special Guests: Hugh Wolf / Luis Rodriguez, 11/2011
  • “International Pricing”, Special Guests: Hugh Wolf / Luis Rodriguez, 11/2011
  • “Global Branding & Counterfeiting of Products”, Special Guests: Hugh Wolf / Luis Rodriguez, 11/ 2011
  • "Know Your Customer: Groundswell”, Special Guests: Anish Gaur / Ryan Gregg, 11/2011


Guest: C Mayúscula with Host Cristopher Pereyra, En Familia (730 KIDR)

  • “Ethics and Protection of Children”, 12/2013
  • “Profiles of Successful Hispanics with Christian Values”, 05/2013


Guest: The Jim Roselle Show (1240 WJTN Chautauqua, New York)

  • “Ethics, Privacy, and Effects of Upcoming EU Data Protection Reform”, 07/08/2014


Money Laundering

Apple and FBI

A Global Perspective

International Tax Evasion

Ethics and Compliance


Data Protection Reform


Global Economics

"[She] has been a great asset to our listeners and has been in high demand. Her energetic demeanor, combined with a passion for teaching and solid foundation in international law and international business makes her invaluable to us."

General Manager, Money Radio

SiTV: Cultura y Fe with Host Cristopher Pereyra

EU Data Protection

Ethics and Compliance

Landmark rulings and new laws in foreign territories have far-reaching implications on businesses and their executives. Through enlightening, inspiring, and entertaining presentations, Adriana delivers high content, high-energy, customized lectures at a time when global threats sabotage global supply chains, create barriers to corporate profitability, and endanger national security interests. 

Ethics and Compliance

New Dutch Surveillance

​ Legislation

Ethics and Compliance


​CNN en Español is CNN's 24-hour Spanish language television news channel which broadcasts to the United States of America, Latin America and Asia


International Human Resources 

Counterfeit Products

Data Protection Reform

Blockchain Technology, Privacy, and Data Protection


TV Maulinos, Chile

PBS | Arizona Horizon with Host Ted Simons


"Adriana Sanford has a brilliant legal mind capable of sifting through complex international laws to identify the corporate pitfalls and elucidate the pathway to ethical multinational business dealings. She is a frequent and respected contributor to the industry on Manufacturing Talk Radio in her area of expertise."

Host, Mfg Talk Radio Show

Data Protection Reform

Sophisticated Counterfeits 



Regular On-Air Contributor for CNN DINERO, CNN en Español. (7- 10 minute). 08/2015 - present.

Daily reach: 24 million viewers (US/Latin America)

  • "¿Es hora de crear una agencia de protección de datos digitales?", Host Rafael Romo, 03/22/2018
  • “Se evaporaron US$60.000 millones: ¿está el bitcoin en una peligrosa encrucijada?” Host Jose Manuel Rodríguez, 03/16/2018
  • "India: efectos de la nueva ley de privacidad", Host Mario González, 09/07/2017
  • "¿Está en riesgo la privacidad en internet?", Host Xavier Serbia Quepo, 04/10/2017
  • "Leggings en vuelo: ¿discriminación o política?", Host Rafael Romo, 04/05/2017
  • "Ataques en Londres: seguridad vs privacidad en línea", Host Rafael Romo, 03/31/2017
  • ​"¿Negocios en la política?", Host Xavier Serbia Quepo, 02/22/2017
  • ​"¿Intercambio de data: seguridad vs. privacidad?", Host Mario González, 02/10/2017
  • "¿Es un caso de privacidad o de espionaje el de Edward Snowden?", Host Rafael Romo, 09/16/2016
  • "Brexit: ¿cómo es que las empresas deberán ajustarse a esta nueva realidad?", Host Xavier Serbia Quepo, 06/27/2016
  • "Google: En la mira de leyes europeas", Host Mario González, 06/10/2016
  • "Google: ¿Cruzada moral por la evasión fiscal o cacería de brujas?", Host Xavier Serbia Quepo, 06/01/2016
  • "La privacidad y las redes sociales", Host Guillermo Arduino, 05/13/2016
  • "Apple (IPhone) v. el FBI: seguridad y privacidad en juego", Host Lucía Navarro, 02/22/2016
  • "La Ética Empresarial", Host Xavier Serbia Quepo, 01/05/2016
  • "¿Hay empresas más poderosas que países?", Host Guillermo Arduino, 12/09/2015
  • "El nuevo acuerdo entre UE y EEUU sobre protección de datos", Host Carlos Montero, 09/21/2015
  • "¿A dónde se dirigen las grandes empresas?", Host José Manuel Rodríguez, 09/14/2015
  • "Negocios: ¿Cómo navegar en las distintas legislaciones?", Host Guillermo Arduino, 08/28/2015

 CNN Chile

  • "La corrupción empresarial en Chile", 07/2017​ 


Ethics and Compliance

Offshore Data Access

Data Protection Reform


Data Security, Data Privacy, and how concerned companies should be regarding the competing and sometimes conflicting regulation and legislation in the data protection and privacy space

 TELEVISION NACIONAL DE CHILE/24 horas: Mañana Informática

Business Ethics

Economic, Social, Cultural Rights


Data Protection Reform
Harmful Effects of Counterfeiting Products
Data Protection Reform