"For blockchain specifically, Sanford added that it does have the ability to revolutionize the tech space. The cyber expert said that because of its transparency and level of security, it’s been adopted in many industries and sectors."

​Sanford's Chapters: 
“Hack Attacks, Privacy, and Data Protection"

​"Sophisticated Product Counterfeiting"

"Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Laws"

"Regulation of Human Rights-Related Risks"

"Corporate Scandals and Whistleblowers"

​"Dr. Adriana Sanford delivered a brilliant keynote presentation at the 2017 Washington DC ISSA CISO Forum.... A fellow CISO's comment at the end of the presentation echoed the thought of other attendees...."you could hear a pin drop"...

Chief Information Security Officer
​NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc


You can have the most secure password and the strictest privacy settings in the world, but once you share your pictures with others, it's their privacy settings you need to worry about.
"Whether or not you should post pictures of your children comes down to how much you actually know about what you're putting out there," says Sanford. "Unfortunately, it's impossible to know what kind of privacy settings your friends and family have."


​Sanford's Chapters: 
“Ataques  cibernéticos, privacidad y protección de datos"

​"Falsificación de productos"

"Leyes contra la corrupción y el lavado de dinero"

"Reglamentación de los riesgos relacionados con derechos humanos"

"Escándalos corporativos"



A Global Perspective

LEAD AUTHOR: Adriana Sanford

Global threats books were adopted by Institute for Supply Managementt™ to commemorate their 100th anniversary. ​With 50,000 members worldwide, ISM is the world's largest supply management association

This book addresses and illuminates two important macro-level trends shaping the current and future practice of supply management… The supply management professional as never before face the level of scrutiny and compliance responsibility they currently encounter .…The second major trend is the accountability imposed by society on companies for how they conduct their business affairs....This book provides critical inside for the current and inspiring professionals in this new global paradigm.”

Chief Executive Officer

Institute for Supply Management™


Expert: Topic Writer. For seven years, expert topic writer for Institute for Supply Management for trade publications. Forward Scan (ISM’s Corporate Program) and Inside Supply Management Magazine (publication for ISM’s 50,000 members worldwide).

​•“Balancing National Security, Foreign Policy and Human Rights/ Biometric Technologies and Legal Compliance in an Interconnected World”, Supply Management Magazine, 01/18
 ​•“Human Trafficking: New Era of Self-Policing in Global Supply Chain”, Forward Scan, 01/18
 ​•"Preventing Human Rights-Related Risks in Global Supply Chains", ISM Forward Scan (Institute for Supply Management), Vol. 5.2, April 2015.
 ​•"Sorting Through the Confusion". Inside Supply Management Magazine (Institute for Supply Management), 03/15
 ​•"Cybersecurity Collaboration Needed Between U.S., EU". Inside Supply Management Magazine (Institute for Supply Management), 11/14
 ​•"Data Security and Privacy under the Compliance Spotlight", ISM Forward Scan (Institute for Supply Management), Vol. 4:2, April 2014.
 ​•"The Risky Reality of Counterfeit Products", ISM Forward Scan (Institute for Supply Management), Vol. 3:2, April 2013.
 ​•"The Growing Convergence of International Tax, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption: Responses by Entities, Directors and Officers", 2-Hour ISM Corporate Web Seminar, Institute For Supply Management, 10/12
 ​•"A Separate Guardian: The Strategic Value of the CECO", ISM Forward Scan (Institute for Supply Management), Vol. 2:3, June 2012.
​ ​•"Enhancing Supply Chain Practices through IHRM", ISM Forward Scan (Institute for Supply Management), Vol. 2.1, February 2012.


"Adriana has published a number of articles in ISM publications covering important and timely aspects of global corporate ethics and compliance. These are critical subjects for our 45,000 members in 90 countries to understand and implement across their companies.

Her international network, including global corporate leaders and important government officials, is second to none. In the field of global corporate ethics and compliance, Adriana is my "go to" resource, and she is always eager to help in any way she can."

Chair, Manufacturing Business Survey Committee
Institute for Supply Management™

“Complying with multi-jurisdictional requirements that have significant implications for constitutional

and privacy rights remains among the primary concerns of global businesses and their executives."

                                                                                                                                                                   ---- Adriana Sanford

“The European Union privacy reform has highlighted the need for consistent, global legislation to help businesses protect customer and supplier information. This reform legislation could potentially provide a basic framework for data privacy legislation to other regions and countries around the globe."

Adriana Sanford

ML Peck