"Her advice was critical to many of the decisions I have made, and I was certain that she helped me make the best choice for me.... I will always be grateful for the guidance that Professor Sanford gave me in this process. I know that I am in the best position for the career I want, because of her guidance."

Stephanie Grob
Summer Associate - Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

"Infrequently do we find a highly knowledgeable academic, who is so passionately devoted to furthering the public interest. She is that genuine kind of public intellectual." 

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, Amnesty International USA  

"Adriana is one of the rare persons within the US university circles, fully engaged in the international legislation initiatives, and with a particular sensitivity to international cultural differences....It is a pleasure working with her."

Chief Technologist (International Governmental Institutions, European Union) 
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Sofia. S and Hon. Juan Pablo Piñera Echenique 

ECLAC’s 2017 Summer School

Debate on Globalization and its Impact on the Region’s Economic Structures and Sociopolitical Conflicts

​​Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Centro de Estudios Internacionales

Santiago, Chile​

"It is not easy to write about Dr. Sanford in a concise way, since she has had such a profound impact on my life both personally and academically....  Dr. Sanford has led a remarkable life and has helped countless people—including myself— who may have not had a chance to succeed without her intervening on our behalves. She is loved and revered by her students.... It’s hard to imagine how many lives Dr. Sanford has touched, but there will undoubtedly be a ripple effect in teaching the leaders of tomorrow the importance of acting ethically."

Credit Advisor--Intern

Dun & Bradstreet

2018 Diversity & Inclusion Award


Multiple law degrees from Georgetown Law and Notre Dame Law School, along with top-tier international law firm experience, senior in-house legal roles and two decades of practical legal knowledge in real-world settings on three continents

"I believe she is one of the most caring professors I have had in my college career. Still today, she is always willing to answer all my questions and go the extra mile for me. Apart from being an exemplary professor in the classroom and a great role model for all students not just her own, she personally taught me the great life lesson that you can always find ways to better yourself... I can truthfully say she is not only a wonderful professor, but an inspiring Latin woman and a spirited mentor to me."

VSFS Intern 
U.S State Department


​2017 Child Crisis Arizona Annual Fundraising Luncheon 



"Adriana teaches courses that address pressing real world ethical dilemmas currently being faced by our governments and businesses, including significant political and security pressures....She is a prolific leader in her field." 

Director of Communications/Media Relations

Arizona State University. 

​​​​​“While many professors depict moral decisions to be black and white or right and wrong, Professor Sanford guided us through how to handle ethical gray areas and how to make the right decisions. Outside the classroom, Professor Sanford  also regularly followed up with me and several other graduate students in order to acquire deeper insights into our professional aspirations and the resources available to help us realize our post-graduation goals; this type of guidance and commitment to students and alumni -- in my opinion – it is at the heart of a true mentoring relationship.”

Executive Team Lead Human Resources
Target Corporation

ASU 5-YEAR TEACHING LOAD (approx. 7,000 students) 


Grad/Undergrad Students                            Academic Year

        1,901                                                                   2016 - 2017    

    1,485                                                                   2015 - 2016
        1,137                                                                   2014 - 2015    
    1,813                                                                   2013 - 2014
        510                                                                      2012 - 2013    
        95                                                                        2011 - 2012    


                                      6,941  ASU  graduate and undergraduate students                                                                                   



La actividad fue organizada por el Centro de Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad Católica, con el apoyo del profesor Derecho UC, Hernán Salinas, y el consejero del CEIUC, Sergio Romero. Entre los asistentes, destacaron académicos de distintas universidades, miembros del cuerpo diplomático y personeros de América Latina. En el encuentro, Vivanco desarrolló un extenso análisis sobre la situación venezolana, en el que manifestó una dura crítica al gobierno de Venezuela. "Cuesta entender que un régimen por razones ideológicas no reconozca la profunda crisis humanitaria que vive su país. Y aún más, que tampoco pida, ni permita, la ayuda internacional para paliar tal crisis".

 Profesora Visitante  Adriana Sanford con sus estudiantes

 Universidad de Talca, Facultad de Economía y Negocios - Chile

UC Asesor de Postdoctorado, Jorge Rojas

Profesora Visitante de UTALCA, Adriana Sanford

Ex-Presidente del Senado de Chile, Sergio Romero Pizarro 



​​ASU Service Recognition Pin

"Although I was a Supply Chain Management major located on the Tempe campus, this was one of my favorite and most memorable classes in my four years at the university. I would voluntarily commute an hour each way between campuses to attend Professor Sanford’s weekly lectures because I viewed her as an outstanding teacher and career mentor. Every lecture was fascinating, involving vivid real world examples and group participation, which sparked my fascination with international business law and continued education opportunities.

I had the opportunity to accompany Professor Sanford to the Institute for Supply Management Annual Conference in May 2015 where she was a guest speaker. This was my first exposure to business conferences and international supply chain careers. This is also where I first gained an interest in the Boeing Company, for whom I later became an intern in Supplier Management. ​Professor Sanford introduced me to other students and professionals that shared my career interests and goals, encouraging me to build a network of mentors and role models. This event opened my eyes to the endless possibilities within Business and the amazing opportunities I was given as a college student in exchange for dedication and goal setting."

Operations Procurement Agent II, Boeing Company 

Se realizó en la Facultad de Derecho UC el Punto de Encuentro: Crisis en Venezuela, que contó con la participación del Director de la División de las Américas de Human Rights Watch, José Miguel Vivanco.


"According to Adriana Sanford, internationally recognized privacy and cyber security scholar, 'STEM careers have become critical to meeting the world's challenges and to building better opportunities for tomorrow. Outreach, recruitment, and mentoring is needed to encourage more female participation.'"

SANS Institute Press Release, 2017


"[Sanford] brings a passion for teaching and a concern for all of her students....On numerous occasions, I have seen her go above and beyond the norm to take care of her students...She is continually looking to improve her classes, to better take care of her students."

Vice Chair, Department of Management
W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

 Universidad de Talca, Facultad de Economía y Negocios - Chile


UC Asesor de Internacionalización Jorge Rojas

Profesora Visitante de UTALCA Adriana Sanford

Child Crisis Arizona Gala, Februrary 2017
​Hosted by Friends of Child Crisis Arizona

"[She] is a highly regarded professor and scholar with multiple degrees, who is well-respected by her superiors, peers, and the global community.  Her dedication to teaching and outreach inspires her colleagues, students, and others to achieve more and give more.  She is a lead role model for women across the globe."  

Dean, ​School of Business and Economics
Universidad de Talca 

Profesor Derecho UC, Hernán Salinas

Human Rights Watch Director, José Miguel Vivanco

Director del Centro de Estudios Internacionales UC, ​Jorge Sahd

"The lessons I learned in her course about ethics, justice, and international business extended far beyond a scantron, they ascended to the level of executive decision makers in boardrooms and political leaders throughout the world. Professor Sanford recognizes her students will go on to be future leaders in those very settings and therefore teaches at an academic and intellectual level that stimulates the intense thought required to solve the numerous complex and ethically obscure dilemmas of the United States and the world at large..."

Public Affairs Director


"It has been my experience that Professor Sanford has always gone out of her way to help students in any way possible. She tries to guide them in the right direction and offers assistance where necessary. Whether it is to find a job or choose the right career path, she is someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand or give some sound advice. She is more than just a teacher, she has been my friend and my mentor.Though Professor Sanford is no longer my teacher, she is still just a phone call or email away whenever I have a question or another difficult decision to make. We need more professors like her in this world to encourage students to stay in school. Professors with strong work ethics, who are passionate about their job and willing to put in extra work hours beyond what is expected in class. They make a difference in our future."

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  "Sanford is an illustrious alumna of GULC, having earned a dual LLM in Taxation and International & Comparative Law. We have been delighted by her re-affiliation with the Law Center. Her scholarship and international service during her tenure as a Dean's Visiting Scholar have reflected very well on GULC."

Associate Dean of Research and Academic Programs,
Georgetown University Law Center

A Global Perspective

Steven Moinester, Kevin Keefe, Cristofer P Pereyra, Crystal Piao, Derek Osowski, Leticia Ruiz,

Steve Kaiser, David Wheeler, Robert Rogers, Melanie Lueb, Cynthia Coffman, Adriana Sanford


 Graduate MBA and MiM Programs: Ethics Courses
• Ethical Issues for Managers (LES 582)
• Ethical Leadership (MGT 591)

Undergraduate Program: Law/ International / Ethics Courses     
• Law and Ethics for Managers (LES 305)
• Principles of International Management (MGT 302)