"The issues raised in [Sanford's] proposal are extremely relevant and important to the U.S. and international financial institutions, and have potentially far-reaching implications.... she has highlighted the key issues regarding the international impact of the USA PATRIOT Act with a focus toward the fundamental target of the relevant body of U.S. anti-money laundering laws."

Managing Director of External Affairs

Office of Thrift Supervision

"Adriana was professional, articulate and responsive to our needs and what the audience wanted, and she delivered a successful session that provoked new thought and learning.  Adriana is an expert in her field who is driven, articulate and passionate. She’s approachable, helpful and responsive—really goes out of her way to help. One of my personal goals is helping other women succeed in our field, and Adriana falls into that camp as well. All of my interaction with Adriana is professional and top notch, over the top in exceeding expectations."

​ISSA International Board Member
Chair CISO Advisory Council

Opening dinner sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company 
​​Keynote --- Adriana Sanford

A Global Perspective

AI USA Board members at Amnesty International's 2018 Annual General Meeting 

photo: courtesy of David Rendell

ISSA CISO Executive Forum, Washington DC, April 2017

​"Information Security, Privacy and Legal Collaboration"



"Adriana's desire for greater accountability and improved justice in the global community is evident by her work, including advisory and board membership positions with international humanitarian entities. These attributes, combined with her cultural awareness, multiple legal degrees, language skills, and decades in international corporate law, make her of tremendous value for scholarly research projects on a global scale." 

​Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Principal Financial Group-- Chile


Amnesty International USA -- the largest country section of world's largest grassroots human rights movement

7 million members and supporters

​"Adriana served as a speaker for an ISSA CISO Forum that I was chairing. She was an excellent speaker. Her credentials and experience are excellent to set her apart as a true industry expert."

VP, Information Security 

"Adriana, destaca, entre otros muchos aspectos, por ser un abogado responsable y comprometido con la actividad que desarrolla, siempre con mucha dedicación, compromiso y cuidado de los detalles. Sabe trabajar en equipo y se coordina muy bien en proyectos inter disciplinarios. En lo humano, es una persona extremadamente amable, cercana y respetuosa por lo que trabajar con ella constituye un verdadero agrado."

Senior Legal Counsel
Enel Chile and Enel Americas


demo reel available upon request

Tasha Turpin - Virginia

Sr. Director of Technology Risk & Compliance

GE Energy Connections

Adriana Sanford

Rhonda Farrell - Washington DC


Booz Allen Hamilton

Geoff Harris - York, United Kingdom 

Annual ISM Supply Management Conference, 2015

"She has the gift of being able to take highly complex information and present it to any audience in such a way that it is easily understood. Whether in an academic setting, charitable endeavor, or other settings, her commitment to excellence and her drive is unmatched."

Director of Business Development 
Goldbelt, Incorporated

"[Sanford discussed] the Aadhaar Identity Program (biometrics) in India, in which 92% of India’s population partakes to streamline government services and transactions.... [She] also pointed to a critical ruling in the nation’s Supreme Court [and] said the ruling could have wide-ranging implications for the rest of the world. Specifically, it could affect companies who outsource to India."

Adriana Sanford

Michael Howard - Colorado

Worldwide Security Practice Lead

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Janice Comer Bradley - Washington DC
Executive Director

Information Systems Security Association 


Exclusively for Supply Leaders in the ISM Corporate Program

​"Adriana provided a highly-engaging discussion

I received high praise for her presentation from many members of the audience. She has plenty of real-world experience to draw from and capture the attention of even the most technically-focused audiences."  

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Attorney 
McDonald Hopkins LLC

"[Sanford] has a sound legal mind regarding international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism matters.  She has a keen understanding of the practical aspects of law enforcement in the United States and various South American nations. Some of those countries have been mentioned publicly as potential weak links in the ongoing struggle against money laundering by organize crime and terrorists."

Senior Legal Counsel, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Dr. Sanford with her students